We are endowed with wide range of equipment from heavy machinery to light hand tolls equipment: our list includes: 
  • Gauges (Pressure, Temperature, Level) – Ashcroft, Wika, Marsh, McDaniel, Ametek, US Gauge, Trend, Weksler, Dwyer, Murphy, Jerguson, Penberthy, Kenco, Robert Shaw, Orange Research
  • Valves, Fittings,  Actuators, Strainers, Orifice Plates, Pigs and Pigging Equipment, Anodes and Cathodic Protection
  • Meters – Badger, Brooks, FMC Smith, Rosemount, Halliburton, ITT Barton, Krohne, Fluke, Hoffer, Biddle, Megger, Transcat, Meriam Instruments, Simpson, Triplett, EG&G
  • Monitors – Sensidyne, Rosemount, Wallace-Tiernan, Ametek-Process, Panametrics, Lumidor
  • Totalizers – Brooks, Daniel Industries, EG&G, Fisher & Porter, Foxboro, Halliburton, FMC Invalco, ITT Barton, Leeds & Northrup, Linc, Moore Products, Smith, Hydril
  • Transmitters – Foxboro (new and remanufactured), Rosemount, Stratham, AMOT, Eckardt Process Instruments, Omega Engineering, Whesseo Varec, Promag, Honeywell
  • Thermocouples/Thermowells, Thermometers/RTDs – STI Mfg., Saudelius Instruments, Omega Engineering, Texas Thermowell, Ashcroft, Trend
  • Regulators – Fisher Control (new and remanufactured), Masoneilan Dresser, 3D Instruments, Brooks, Fisher & Porter, Midwest Instruments, Watts
  • Analyzers – National Draegar, Sensidyne, Ametek Process and Analytical, Leeds and Northrup, Rosemount Analytical, Panametrics, Cosa Instruments,
  • Level and Float Controls – Magnetrol, SOR, Midwest, K-Dyne
  • Level Transmitters – K-Tek
  • Flow Transfer and Flow Controls –  Ameter Inc. Brooks, Fisher & Porter, Fisher Controls, Omega Engineering
  • Chart Recorders and Supplies – Barton Instruments, Graphic Controls
  • Switches – Cutler Hammer, GE, ASCO, Murphy, Linc, ITT Neodyn, SOR, Fluid Components, AMOT Controls, Stonel, Magnetrol, Moore Industries, Barksdale, Westlock, MicroSwitch 

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